Who's Jesse?

Disclaimer : I’m still figuring this whole “write my bio” thing out

I grew up in beautiful upstate New York in a small town with one stoplight. I stayed in the Northeast for college studying at Tufts University and University of Rochester until getting my Bachelor’s in Math in 2016. Then I packed up my car and drove across the country out to equally as beautiful Portland, Oregon. Okay, I skipped over some parts but that’s for another time. I have always been fascinated by and try to live in the intersection of science and art, intuition and data, to create work that matters and stands out. If you're building something exciting, please reach out, I would love to hear about it!

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When it comes down to it, I just like to create.

It’s never a service or product we’re really building, it’s an experience. Whether it’s building a brand or culture, designing out an interface, bringing designs to life, or using data and creativity to push an idea forward, all I strive for is to be part of projects and teams that are always questioning, push boundaries, and are set out to improve the life of others.