Hey I'm Jesse.

Living at the intersection of data and art.

I grew up in Rochester, NY.
And currently live in Portland, OR.

I like math.

I studied at Tufts University and the University of Rochester graduating in 2016 with my degree in math

with minors in computer science, economics, and studio art

I like to play with code and data.

I designed an app to help high schoolers on their college search

Imporiving data by gathering from students rather than schools

Growing up in Kodak's hometown, I have a long love for film photography

I built snaparoll as an ode to it.

I like to design things in my spare time.

I'm fascinated with how creativity is used across disciplines, and how we can encourage and support creativity in kids and education.

I help creatives, and creative companies through olocreative.com and always am looking for ways to give back to kids to help fuel the future of creativity.

For my third charity: water campaign I took "running a campaign" literally and ran my first marathon, the Walt Disney Marathon, on my 23rd birthday.

I even got to take over their for the day


The wonderful people I have worked with

Interested in joinging this group? Shoot me an email at hi@jesse.paris